Travelling Tips – Essential Information for Uganda Visitors

Coming/traveling to Uganda takes some preparation and planning which involves getting the best use of services from a tour company like Jewel safaris Uganda that can give you a memorable trip.

Preparation involves the following.


Packing for a Uganda safari doesn’t have to be complicated keep it essential based on the reasons you are visiting Uganda if its tourism, pack what is essential for the tourism and likewise to business trips/ other trips. With the Uganda’s weather, there’s little fluctuation in the temperature and the really no summer or winter in Uganda, the hottest months are December, January and February with the average day temperature of 24-33,the southern part of the country has got two wet seasons normally from, mid-September to November and March to May. Second dry months are June, July and August but sometimes experience unpredictable rains and of the gorilla parks are cool during this months because they are situated at high altitude. With above weather information it’s advised to carry with you clothing suitable for a worm and cool climate because Uganda is generally a worm place but also experiences some cool conditions.

Uganda Tourist Visa

Getting a visa is a must. Uganda visas are issued at the different embassies abroad, they can also be found at Entebbe airport. Below is the pricing for the different visa categories: student visa is 20$, single entry 50$, multiple entry six months 100$ this guarantees visits three east African countries of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, multiple entry 1 year 200$ this still guarantees entry to the above mentioned east African states, inland transit 15$. Uganda also immigration announced the use of online E-tourism visas- all arriving visitors must have an email with bar codes that create a tourism visa that is glued to inside their passports. The same applies to east Africa at large especially if Uganda is the first country you are entering, in East Africa an online E-East African tourism visa is also can be applied for get online visas visit

Money Tips and Advice

Uganda is a cash based country where the US dollar is used as currency of choice alongside the national currency (Uganda shillings).The use of credit card is widely accepted with visas cards being the most commonly used cards in the country while traveler’s cheques are limited everywhere as it’s a tedious process to be converted into cash. The country has several banks, forex bureau and other financial institution which operate from 8:00am to 40:30pm from Monday-to Friday and they operate from 8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays. Where any financial transaction can be carried out.

Travel Insurance.

In case you’re in need any medical care, you need to be aware that the medical service providers don’t accept payment through your insurance company. In this case you will need to file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. Therefore you need to carry cash either from the credit card or from the wire transfer. For any assistance you need to contact your country’s local embassy

For the compensation to reflect, you need to be treated from a licensed medical center and provide your insurance company with proper documentation and receipts.




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