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A Trip to Eastern Uganda on Self Drive

There is something special about eastern Uganda that remains a myth and undiscovered to many travelers in Uganda. There is a mixture of intrepid travelers that has been left dormant and uninformed to many independent travelers that have either concentrated on the best highlights of Uganda or have decided to take up itineraries’ that past road trippers have taken and have missed something special about Uganda and yes something special lies in the eastern Uganda.

The Eastern Uganda envelopes the dreamt about features of Africa and grounded in a nutshell. When you close your eyes and think of Africa, Eastern Uganda just has the perfect definition that eludes your minds and thoughts but still has been undiscovered by many.

When you rent a car in Uganda with Auto Rental you definitely have a great package and share of self drive car rental insider tips on just the right button to press for a great safari and yes we share the Eastern Uganda with you. Talk about the first and exciting town of Jinja, famously known as the adventure capital of East Africa and yes you probably want to flip, get sucked and spit out of the calm waters of the Nile- The longest river in the world. You probably ever wanted to kayak the Nile river, You probably had the argue to crazily bungee jump off that cliff oh yes it could have been one of the “bucket List” things you ever dreamt to do. Jinja in eastern Uganda gives the chance to be involved in water thrilling activities not forgetting the rowing the paddles on the white water Nile. Its Historical, John Hannington Speke a great explore stood at a cliff and saw the River Nile bubbling out of the biggest and famous fresh water lake in Africa. Wood Hannington stepped in his grandfathers shoes and walked the Nile but also discovered the Source of the longest river in the world just right here. How about sleep to the calm waters of the silently flowing waters of the River Nile coupled with the grade 5 rapid falls or the famous written Bujjagali  falls or a calm sun downer just next to the river, it’s the current Africa and yes this is Africa.  Want to understand the former Africa and local life? Taking a walk or city tour of Jinja rewards you with exciting memories of a colonial town that was once occupied by Arab traders from the coast and the unique building structures of the early centuries. Oh yes, you do not want miss a visit to the big central market and the food section turning out more exciting and trade representation in Uganda markets.

A continued self drive safari to far eastern Uganda is another exciting and irresistible. The famous “Imbalu” land is gifted with some of the well formed landscapes and the lush green vegetation envelopes the true beauty of Uganda. The welcoming sceneries and foothills of mountain Elgon, Wanale and the foothills in Sipi provide an authentic excitement for independent self drive travelers and intrepid travelers.

The Sipi River is a series of 3 waterfalls that intrigues excitement and happiness at different times. These waterfalls can be explored on foot through the local homes and plantations dotted with different traditional locals plants. With a sipi guide, trek through small paths that lead you to the two exciting waterfalls streaming from the top of mountain Elgon sloping and falling 85m and 75m respectively. Traditional caves and traditional plants portraying ancient Uganda will be encountered and explained to by the walking guides. The last and most spectacular fall that also features on most sites and travel books to eastern Uganda is one rewarding hike to and up the ladders. Being beneath the falls with sparkling splashes of the water weight on the grounds leaves you with nothing but exciting memories to take back home. Several activities and interesting excursions can be doubled with the famous sipi river walk and hike. Coffee tours, rock climbing and abseiling with traditional encounters of the public male circumcisions are some of the recommended activities to add.

The accommodations in Sipi range from lazy camping, mid-range and luxury but also reflect somewhat a great deal of wilderness atmosphere. Camp and sleep to all-night sounds of the falling sipi river and flowing past your candle lit accommodations.

Another self drive car rental trip should lead you a little north of Sipi for the historical and famous Nyero Rock paintings. These are a great discovery in winding up the tour to the eastern Uganda. Paintings dating over 6000yrs, 4000years and 3000years by the early settlers of the Bantu ethnic origin believed to have migrated from west Africa still reflect on these walls. The history and settlement of the Uganda persons is explained here with a local guide. Drive back to Kampala or preferably and absolutely possible to add this tour to other destinations like the biggest, famous, oldest, and thrilling National game reserve in Uganda. Either way this tour leaves you with nothing but unforgettable experiences.

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