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Best Safari Lodges on Chimpanzee Trekking Tours Uganda

Looking for the best in the Kibale Forest National Park here are the some of the best safari lodges where you can stay on this tour in Uganda and these include the Ndali Lodge is an Upmarket or Luxury accommodation establishment close to Kibale National Park. The Ndali lodge is about 5 hours’ drive from Kampala the Uganda’s capital city and the main starting point for the Uganda safaris.  After 300km to Fort Portal from Kampala, the guests follow other 11km towards Kibale National Park. A right turn is made at Kisisi and a drive of about 12km to reach the junction with Ndali lodge sign post to the left.

Primate Lodge is an Upmarket or Luxury accommodation within the boundaries of Kibale National Park at the same place with Kanyanchu Tourism Center. Primate Lodge is gifted to be the only lodge inside Kibale Forest National Park and most importantly very close to Kanyanchu Tourism Center making it the ideal place to commence forest exploration activities most especially the Chimpanzee Habituation that starts at 6am.

Superior Safari Tents at Primate Lodge. The 8 Superior tents at Primate Lodge are perched on a raised wooden platform with grass thatch blending well with the surroundings. Each cottage features a veranda overlooking the forest. The inside of the cottage feature African touch and is equipped with Queen Sized beds, large windows with the forest views, en suite bathrooms furnished with local stone wall paintings and the bamboo.

Forest Cottages at Primate Lodge. The 7 Forest Cottages are exclusively located in the forest and the rooms have own veranda and the inside features large twin beds, sitting area and African décor. They are en suite with a flushing toilet, bathroom and a shower.

Sky Tree House at Primate Lodge. The Sky tree house is perched high in the tree deep in the forest and has a simple bedroom with basic washing facilities at the tree foot. It is at 10 minutes’ walk to the main lodge and is mostly visited by elephants at night.

Campsite at Primate Lodge. The lodge features a well maintained camp site that has shared facilities and the guests are required to bring their own camping equipment.

Crater Safari Lodge is located at the boundary of Kibale National Park where Chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda are majorly conducted.  It is positioned on the rim of Nyinabulitwa Crater Lake offering magical scenic views to the visitors. Crater Safari Lodge is a luxury or upmarket accommodation establishment for the luxury Uganda Safari undertakers.

Kyaninga Lodge is a luxury or upmarket accommodation establishment located in the backdrop of the legendary Rwenzori Mountains on the rim of Lake Kyaninga one of the myriad crater lakes in the area. Accommodation at Kyaninga Lodge is presented in eight (8) cottages with; Raised Platforms, Privacy, Raised walkway, Double or twin bed, 2 family cottages has extra children sleeping space on a mezzanine, Private deck overlooking the lake & the mountains of the moon, En suite washrooms, Hot & cold running water and Solar lighting.

Papaya Lake Lodge is positioned at 350km from Kampala the Uganda’s Capital City on the boundary of Kibale National Park in the Ndali Kasenda Crater Field. The region in which it is located features twenty (20) extinct volcanic crater fields that present a range of lakes coming with unique shapes, colour and size.  The Papaya Lake Lodge also overlooks the magical Rwenzori Mountains that is snow-capped.

Papaya Lake Lodge stands as an Upmarket or Luxury accommodation owned by a Polish Couple Magdalena and Sebastian. Accommodation at Papaya Lake Lodge is presented in 9 Cottages; Located on the slope of a Volcanic crater, Eight (8) of the cottages has two (2) beds; 1 king size & 1 single, Local stone-decorated bathrooms with shower, Private verandas with deckchairs, Ninth (9th) cottage has two (2) floor villa with three (3) bed rooms, large terrace, spacious bath room & living room with fire place.

Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse is a Mid-range or Standard accommodation unit close to Kibale National Park. It positioned along the Kamwengye road 23km from Fort Portal town in a lush Isunga tea plantation with a raised altitude that offers it the views of the forest and the overlooking hills. Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse features main lodge building and a range of garden cottages. They have the main lodge building and garden cottages. It is spread over 100 acre lands and dates far back to 1950s when it was a home of the district Commissioner.  It is close to the Kibale Forest, the volcanic crater field including Lake Nkuruba and the famous top of the world and enjoys distant views of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Chimps Nest is a mid-range / standard accommodation establishment located at the boundary of Kibale Forest National Park with the views of the forest and the Rwenzori Mountains. The Chimps Nest presents an ideal ground that travelers on chimpanzee safaris in Uganda can base to track chimpanzees in Kibale National Park. It is positioned in the village of Nyabubale between Bigodi and Nkingo and it takes 15 minutes to drive to Kanyanchu Tourism Center where Kibale tourism exploration activities commence from.

Kibale Forest Camp is a mid-range or Standard accommodation establishment outside the boundaries of Kibale National Park.  The Kibale Forest Camp presents accommodation in canvas experience to bring out the real African safari touch. Kibale Forest Camp has ten (10) safari tents that are positioned in the lush forest while it also caters for the budget travelers on its lazy camping arrangement.  This is supplemented by magical food that is served in its comfortable restaurant that is grass thatched.  This makes Kibale Forest Camp a perfect base to do Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park while on safari in Uganda. Kibale Forest Camp is positioned to the south of the park bordering Magombe swamp which is famously known as Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary and it is 10 minutes’ drive to Kanyanchu Tourism Center where the tourist activities in Kibale Forest starts from.

Mountains of the Moon Hotel is located in Fort Portal town 26km to Kibale Forest National Park and is spread over 15 acres of impressive gardens overlooking the historical Rwenzori Mountains – the great mountains of the moon as described by Ptolemy in 150AD which form the naming of the hotel. Accommodation at Mountains of the moon Hotel is presented in 33 rooms that feature impressively hand curved furniture and charming decor that make it ideal for business and safari travelers.  Rooms include Deluxe Double, Single Room, Single Standard, Suites, Superior Double and Twin Room.

The Rwenzori View Guesthouse is positioned in Fort Portal town in the shadows of the Mountains of the moon whose greatness dates back to 150AD when the Greek Geographer Ptolemy highlighted on it to be the likely source of the mighty Nile River. Designed by a Swiss architect and started up by the Dutch / English Couple, the Rwenzori View Guesthouse presents budget / basic accommodation to the travelers on safaris in Uganda having opened its doors in 1997.

Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve & Community Campsite is a budget / basic accommodation establishment located on the rim of Lake Nkuruba close to the Uganda Chimpanzee Safari destination of Kibale National Park. The Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve & Community Campsite is an established Eco – tourism project that is non-profit aiming at conserving nature and ensuring the livelihood change in the local community. Accommodation at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve & Community Campsite is presented in Rwenzori View Banda’s, the Hill-Top Banda’s, The Lakeside Cottage and Camping.

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort & Safari Camp is positioned at 20km distance from Fort Portal town boarding Kibale National Park where Chimpanzee safaris in Uganda are conducted. Nyinabulitwa presents a budget / basic accommodation arrangement that is ideal for low cost Uganda safari undertakers and overlanders.  The accommodation id provided in Cottages ranging from the Cottage without terrace to Cottage with terrace and the Campsite.

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