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Travel Rwanda: Lakeside Relaxation and Mountain Treks

From the mist-topped mountain peaks scattered throughout its north to the lush retreats bordering Lake Kivu, Rwanda is a land of fascinating variety. The flora and fauna of this tiny country in the heart of East Africa has attracted generations of adventurers, providing it with a reputation as a haven of natural beauty. While the dignified elegance of Rwanda’s silver back mountain gorillas in their remote mountaintop lairs has long awed visitors, new generations of tourists are discovering that this tropical getaway has even more to offer.

The country –dubbed the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ by French explorers- is home to breathtaking vistas at the tops of its rugged mountain peaks. With a host of national parks boasting hundreds of square kilometers of un – spoilt land, there are numerous hiking trails plus plenty of opportunities for seasoned rock climbers. From sun-kissed lakeside restaurants to the roaring power of the Rusumo Falls and the smoldering volcanoes in Virunga, Rwanda is one of Africa’s most spectacular gems.

Sleeping giants astride the landscape

Virunga & Volcanoes

The chain of volcanoes that stretches across the northern frontier of Volcanoes National Park forms a natural boundary between Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. While two of the volcanoes in the range-situated in DRC-are still active, those in Rwanda are not, in Rwanda you can either experience the hike to 1 day Visoke or 2 day Karisimbi Mountains. Volcanoes National Park is so much famous for the gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. Only the clouds swirling among the jagged rocks evoke their former power.

Hail the returning heroes

Intore dancers

With elaborate flowing head dresses, carrying spears, the Intore dancers tell stories of love, battle and loss, as they have done for generations. As the tales reach their climax, the dancers’ moves become ever more vigorous, interspersed with bloodcurdling battle cries.

Close encounters with mountain-dwelling cousins

Volcanoes National Park

Staring into the dark and hooded eyes of a 190kg silver back gorilla only a few feet away brings a rush of emotion. The delight of watching these sociable, herbivore primates, with their subtly expressive mannerisms, at such close quarters is an experience to treasure forever.

White beaches lapped by tranquil waters

Lake Kivu

Encircled by towering mountains, tea plantations and rolling countryside, the peaceful Lake Kivu is a perfect place to unwind. Home to some of the country’s most beautiful lakeside beaches, it is one of the Great Lakes in the Albertine Rift Valley and Africa’s highest in altitude. Come and soak up its beauty and dangle a toe in its refreshing waters.

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