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An African safari is a true adventure – a lifetime experience with the wildlife and people! On an African safari the thrill of an encounter with a wild animal in the wild is something which stays with you always, and affects your view of life. It is a privilege to see animals in their wild homes that have not been tampered with for ages! Whether you choose a wildlife holiday based on camping or staying in a luxury lodge, the choices for incredible safari experiences in Africa are numerous. You can go on a jeep safari, walking safari, canoeing safari, even a balloon safari over the Serengeti… We offer information and advice to help you make the most of your time spent on an African safari and ensure that you end up with the type of experience which is right for you.

We have also compiled a list of African safaris, safari lodges and camps that you can use during your holiday.

How to book a Safari

  • Creating a trip itinerary
  • Best time to go on safari
  • How to book a Safari
  • What is an African Safari?
  • Are African safaris safe?
  • Best time to do Africa safari
  • How much does an African safari cost?
  • What to wear on Africa Safari?
  • Cameras & Equipment for Safari

Packing for a Safari
Wondering what to pack on your next safari.