Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Have taken amazing African safari vacations from various parts of Africa, i can conclude that gorilla trekking in Uganda is exceptional of all safaris. Many adventure tourists plan to be part of this holiday for a couple of months and fill very happy when finally done. The main adventure and attraction of Uganda are the “Mountain Gorillas”, rare great apes that offer a thrilled experience to whoever visits Bwindi forest in south Western Uganda. What I love about this adventure is that despite the numerous tourists who show up for particular treks, just after one will wish to go back to jungle and see the attractive primates again.

There is a lot to experience during the gorilla tour and the experience is ever cherished. When one meets or sports a silver back gorilla (the dominant male in a group) in the jungle, the next move is how to get a nice photo shot or record a memorable video for memories. Always the moment of silence is observed by every tracker and the serenity forest beauty covers everyone as the 1 hour of photography and observations roams. Meeting up with mountain gorillas isn’t easy due to busy schedules’ and pricy gorilla permit prices. However, the Uganda Wildlife Authority made it easy for primate lovers to fulfill their dreams by running gorilla permit promotions and discounts in the month of April, May and November every year.

You may not have tracked mountain gorillas before but if given a try you will be shocked meeting the sliver back. Surely it feels different unlike meeting other wildlife in any game park. The challenging forest walk, sweat and hassles inside the thick wild forest make the activity worthy and more interesting. The excitement can make you remember the very first days you placed a gorilla trek request to your travel planner and even give thanks to whoever made your dream come true. Going off point on gorilla tracking holidays is rare unless otherwise. Imagine a giant ape passing in front of your face and later chills in tree branches as other family members follows. Interestingly mountain gorillas behave just like humans especially the head of family and the kids. One can notice mutual love parents show their young ones by mere looking at a silverback back, mother gorillas and their young ones. I think have said enough about mountain gorillas, their humble character, giant smile and social behaviors towards humans. However, have just said little of the things one does during a Uganda gorilla tracking safari in Bwindi forest. Other plenty activities to choose from include nature walk, birding, waterfall hike, Community walks, island exploration etc.

The best way to enjoy a Uganda gorilla tracking holiday is to book your gorilla permit in advance, followed by accommodation and then apply for a tourist Uganda visa online. Once done you free to embark on your trip to Uganda to see mountain gorillas. If your trip is private and tailor made relax at your lodge and wait for the trip organizers to make it work. But if you go backpacking, book you bus ticket a day before travel to avoid missing out on the early bird buses which normally leave the capital quite early in the morning. Remember from Kampala to Bwindi forest its approximately nine hours to the park true reason for one to leave the capital early in order to reach at the park late in the evening.

For independent travelers, it is advisable to book right gorilla sector accommodation to avoid getting disorganized on the morning of the trek. Carry right clothes, comfortable walking shoes, sun cream and insect repellent. You may not wish to spend more but getting from your lodge to the briefing point may be hard so organize for that small expenditure just in case. Lodges, hotels and campsites help in such arrangements for their clients in need. Make sure you book gorillas permits of your desired sector and park. Mountain gorillas live in also Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo so one can as well do  gorilla tracking tour in either Congo or Rwanda.

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