The Emakoko Nairobi

The Emakoko is uniquely positioned on the side of a valley overlooking the Nairobi National Park with the Mbagathi River running directly below. Accessible a mere 45 minutes from either airport, the drive through the park itself, with its’ beautiful scenery and abundance of plains game is a spectacular way to start any East African safari.

The National Park, despite its extraordinary proximity to the capital city of Kenya, boasts a spectacular assortment of birds and wildlife, with over 400 species of bird recorded in one day. With an excellent possibility of spotting four of the Big Five, many Nairobi residents find the park and the lodge a perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of city life.


With only 10 rooms The Emakoko offers an exclusive and personal environment for our guests to enjoy. With five rooms art the main level and five built into the cliff face higher up. The climb to the upper rooms is not an easy one but the views from the top five rooms justify the effort as they are quite spectacular.

We have been careful with our room designs and interiors to make sure that everything is comfortable from, the huge, luxurious beds to the black-out curtains. Each room has its own private veranda.


The Emakoko allows people to start and finish their safari in the wildlife environment they have traveled so far to enjoy. Within 15 minutes of clearing customs they can be viewing game in Nairobi National park. The only “transfer” delays likely to be encountered en route to or from The Emakoko are the natural pauses to watch a pride of lions or waiting for a Rhino or journey of Giraffe to cross the road.

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