Rabi Hotel Nairobi

Rabi Hotel Nairobi has modern accommodation facilities with rooms fitted with satellite TV, with balconies and terraces where you can have a panoramic view of Nairobi. Rabi Hotel Nairobi is located in a serene atmosphere along Limuru Road, 2 kilometers from the city center and well served with transportation facilities. From the Hotels balcony, one can have a paranomic view of Nairobi and see many of its landmark buildings.

Rabi Hotel Nairobi has well equipped conference facilities for meetings and other related functions. Rabi Hotel Nairobi has ample secured 24 hours parking services, transport, fully stocked bars, modern restaurants and well trained staff to meet your needs.

Rabi Hotel Nairobi Accommodation
Rabi Hotel Nairobi has self contained rooms with Satellite Television Sets, Intercom Facilities, Instant Heaters in all showers, State of the Art Furniture, 24 hours room service.

At Rabi, all rooms are masterfully decorated with a distinctive African flair, but each with its own charm and wealth of modern amenities. Regardless of which room you choose, your experience will be luxurious. The Hotel self contained rooms come with the following amenities:
* Mosquito Nets
* 24 hours room service
* Satellite Television Sets
* Balconies and Terraces
* State of the Art Furniture
* Instant Heaters in all showers
* Intercom Telephone Facilities in each room

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