Mokoyeti Resort Nairobi

Mokoyeti Resort Nairobi is set in the heart of Karen, within Nairobi Mamba Village. The resort which lies in a tranquil and beautiful gardens with natural trees. The surrounding is the home of gigantic Nile crocodiles, reticulated giraffe and Maasai ostriches. WiFi is available for guests.
Mokoyeti Resort offers luxury tented camp accommodation in a private and secluded setting. The resort also features room fitted with an air-conditioner, a work table, TV with satellite reception, a wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom with cold/hot water shower.

The heart of Mamba’s attraction lies in the exquisite meals offered at the restaurant, where the guests can excite their taste buds and toast to the menus which feature an array of African, continental, game meat and the popular weekend grills. Guests also order an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at the bar. The resorts houses a swimming pool where guests enjoy swimming sessions.

The resort also features an event/banquet facility to host social and corporate events. The premises are guarded by security personnel and onsite parking is available. Mokoyeti Resort is in close proximity to the Karen Shopping Centre, Wilson Airport, the City Centre and Nairobi National Park.

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