Blue Springs Hotel

Blue Springs Hotel | A Haven of Luxury in the City

Experience an unparalleled level of sophistication in Nairobi’s premier hotel. Features luxurious accommodation, fine dining, exquisite decor and personalized hospitality set in a contemporary Kenya style. The hotel is located out of the city center away from both human and vehicle congestion.
As conformity becomes increasingly derigeur around the world, as everything begins to look more and the same, originality is more precious than ever before. The Blue Springs Hotel is undoubtedly the setting reflecting the originality, charm and timeless elegance for the ultimate quality time.

Our conference center is very popular choice for business meetings and international seminars. We provide most modern conference facilities like projectors, video, television, white board and flip chart stand.

The hotel comes with a complete range of guest room services such as television sets complete with DSTV, private en suite bathrooms and a 24 hour room service.

Our restaurant offers a la carte menu, as well as authentic African cuisine. Our famous Nyama Choma Centre offers a choice of expertly done succulent goat, mutton, beef and traditional chicken.

The award winning decor makes our hotel bar the only one of its kind in the region. The bar is well stocked with both local and international alcoholic & non alcoholic brands.

The Blue Springs Hotel provides secure and private parking bays for your vehicle. In addition to various services offered by the hotel arrangement for wildlife safaris, beach holiday excursions and mountain climbing coordinated.

Our Services
Our range of services include:
Steam Bath & Sauna
Modern steam bath, sauna, locker rooms and total relaxation rooms. Instant water heaters and pressurized sanitary systems and tender touch linen are available.

The Restaurant
Our restaurant offer ala carte menu as well as authentic African Taste. We offer a choice of expertly done succulent, goat, beef, whole Tilapia and famous kuku kienyeji. We also offer continental and mwananchi breakfast & other sixty different snacks.

Cyber Cafe
Our restaurant has cyber cafe where you can connect with the whole world by serving the internet

The Bar
The bar is well stocked with both local & international alcoholic brands. All corner of the bar are fitted with flat screens where one can enjoy four different sporting activities.

Our elegantly furnished single and double rooms are done to international standards. The rooms are fitted with DSTV, private ensuite bathrooms and 24 hours room service.

The Gymnasium / Aerobics
our state of the art gym equipped with a variety of Cardio-Vascular machines such as: treadmills, wave, reclin, cario bykes, crosstrainers and strength enhancement machines.

Aerobics studio for low and high impact dance and step aerobics, taebo, toning and boy conditioning fitness workouts.

Massage Parlor
Our massage parlor is well furnished with executive massage.

Relaxing Massage: Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Hostone massage & Aerobic Massage

·Treatment Massage: Reflexology, Acupressure, Physiotherapy, Chromo therapy, Hydrotherapy & Aromatherapy

·Beauty Services: Facial Nivea,Facial St.ives,Facial Scrub ( Nivea),Facial Scrub(st Ives),Twizzing,Pedicure,Manicure,Application,Body Scrab, Make up

Dye: Cream of Nature, Best for men, Bigen, Easy Black, Own dye

Haircuts: Haircut, Beard Cut, Kid cut, Young adult cut.Blowout,Own Blowout, Head Shampooing & treatments

Board Room & Conferencing Hall
Our conference is a very popular choice for business meetings and international seminars. We provide most modern conference facilities like projectors, video, television, white board and flip charts and cream.

Conference Facility
Masai Mara
Mountain View
Hall B
Tent Area
Pool Area

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