Mombasa Continental Resort

Mombasa Continental Resort is creating its own story in the tradition of trademanship on this coastal hub aimed at inspiring you with the romance that we so deeply favour; the romance in blending & binding of culture. Mombasa Continental Resort is a little hub where world’s great minds come together to work, and those who love culture, to savour.
Mombasa Continental Resort is opening to the world with a fresh and exciting presentation that recalls the beautiful history of Mombasa for a truly invigorating experience that combines all the influences that created the Swahili language and culture.

The hotel is set on 8.3 acres on a 300 metre beachfront of Shanzu, along the north coast of the Indian Ocean Shores, 18km north of Mombasa Island and 28km from Moi International Airport.

Welcome to the place where the world blends.

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