Sheraton Club des Pins Resort

Sheraton Club des Pins Resort

Physical Address
Boite Postal 62, Club Des Pins
Algiers 16101

City: Algiers
Country: Algeria
Phone: (213)(21) 377777
Fax: (213)(21) 377700

More about Sheraton Club des Pins Resort

Conveniently situated on the western tip of Algiers, the capital of Algeria, the Sheraton Club des Pins Resort is just 12 kilometers from one of the country’s most historic buildings: The Casbah. A walled citadel located on the ruins of old Icosium, it invites you to discover a rare combination of past and present, Turkish and Arab, while contemplating the rich interiors that form an atrium around the central square court.

Local Attractions
• Monument des Martyrs 24.0 km/14.9 miles
• Casbah 24.0 km/14.9 miles
• Arcades Forest 25.0 km/15.5 miles
• Dessai Botanical Gardens 25.0 km/15.5 miles

Nearby Destinations
• Algiers Downtown 24.0 km/14.9 miles
• Cherchell 120.0 km/74.6 miles

• Agha Rail Station 21.0 km/13.1 miles

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