Flights from the America to Madagascar

Flights to Madagascar
Cheap Flights to Madagascar

A flight from America to Madagascar might be a bit difficult. One can connect from one destination to another and finally get to the final destination

If you fly from the Eastern coast of USA or Canada probably the best option would be to take a South African Airways flight to Johannesburg. South African Airlines offers direct flights to South Africa from New York and Washington before taking the connecting flight to Tana with Air Madagascar. Check and compare prices for different Flights to Madagascar

One can also fly to Bangkok with any cheap Asian airline and then take the Air Madagascar connection flight to Antananarivo which connects Bangkok with Madagascar’s capital via Reunion

If you are flying from South America connections are much more difficult. South African Airlines flies from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, where you can get from any bigger airport in South America. From Johannesburg you can fly to Tana with Air Madagascar

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