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Congo Gorilla Trek & Lake Kivu Holiday

One cannot leave Africa minus taking a trip to the D.R.C Congo; the country is located in central Africa bordering Uganda to the east and Rwanda to the south. The country is well known for its amusing Virunga National Park where a number of interesting features including animals and other primates can be seen loitering around the park and this offers a reason as to why this park is given much attention compared to other parks in the country.

Most of the wanted activities here are gorilla trekking tours and Nyiragongo trek, but before trekking the relevant process have to be followed such that visitors get a nice experience while on a safari to the country, a package can be got from Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Limited websites and the contacts, gorilla tracking is an experiential activity whereby visitors are required to book first the trekking permits at USD 400 per person.

Visitors are required to come along with all the trekking gears sing the activity involves moving through montane forests. Since gorillas stay around mountainous areas, it takes some time while looking for them in their territories, Bukima station is where all trekkers converge for briefing from the guides and it’s the departing area for trekking. Park rangers who are armed lead the trek as visitors enjoy mob stories and information from these friendly guides.

Trekking starts at exactly 8am and seeing these gentle giant silver backs plus their female ones within their group may take some time and for lucky visitors, 2-4hours are enough but for unlucky days it can take around6-7hours depending to where they slept last night. Therefore, visitors are encouraged to move with their snacks, these can also be arranged from Mikeno lodge. Visitors strictly utilize one hour to enjoy and take photos of the amazing primates and after a hike back to the lodge is the best.

From this great day activity of gorilla trekking, visitors may take up a holiday to Lake Kivu which is just within the park acting as a source of water for many major animals, this is best when time is to be spent around chilling on the calm waters while witnessing the beauty of the park including the major islands on it.

Sailing on the waters of Lake Kivu makes visitors enjoy their holiday as they get a chance of seeing a number of birds that’s surrounds the lake. Taking park in fishing might be ideal for those who are enthusiastic with it whereby visitors hire boats from the local people and take up fishing at their pace. Visitors here stay at Tchegera Island Tented Camp

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