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Tips & Guidelines to Hiring Rental Car in Uganda

There are so many conditions that would make a traveler hire a car in Uganda. It could be that he/she is looking for an airport transfer, self drive safari, family vacation, a school tour, business trip or he might be in need of it for a date with his girlfriend. Luckily enough, car rental in Uganda is becoming cheaper and it is so easy to find that would give the best services at a cheap rate. These can be found on the internet as there hundreds of car rental websites on the internet. These are all yearning to deliver car hires services to travelers within Uganda and outside it.

It is not every car hire services, the traveler get will give him the comfort, there are some factors that one has to put into consideration that can suit his/her nature of travel and also needs at large.

The size of the rental car

A variety of sizes of cars are always being offered to clients by the car rental agencies and the choice is always upon the client to select the best vehicle possible.  Car hire agencies have compact cars like premiums, Toyota RAV4 and these normally carry about 2-3 people, there are also minibuses like the Toyota super custom  and the safari van of which carry 6 people and 9 people respectively and there are coaster buses that carry around 28 people. Not forgetting there are also SUVs like the land cruiser that carry 4 people. So it is in accordance to the number of people, the customer is traveling with that he/she chooses the best car that suits their needs. For instance if one is a sole traveler going for a gorillas safari trip Uganda why not choose a car like a Toyota RAV4 that is cheap but with  a 4WD that combat the roads that lead to Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Rental car features

The storage space available in the car and air conditioning system are some of the features you can consider when hiring a car in Uganda. They can determine comfort levels and convenience during travel. Also important to check is the physical condition of the bus so that you do not end up being held accountable for damages that did not happen when the rental car was under your care. Inspect the vehicle you prefer before hiring and if possible go for a test drive if you will be the one driving just to be sure of the condition.

Availability of chauffeur services

When hiring a car in Uganda, there are two options given to the client that is a self drive option or a car with a chauffeur. A company with both option gives, the client to choose want is best for him/her as sometimes the client may want to take a self drive but deep down he/she is not confident enough to drive on the Ugandan roads and he/she might need a chauffeur at the eleventh hour of the expedition. So it is better to know if the chauffeurs are available in case the client wants one.

Rental car restrictions

Car hire companies has terms and conditions at which they hire their vehicles to their esteemed customers. Remember, they do this for the good of save guarding their cars from getting damage and stolen and also to keep the customer vigilant of taking care of the car. The common terms and conditions are limited mileage, early return, fuel refill policy and insurance policy among the special ones. It is better to hire a car from a company with fewer restrictions on acquiring their car.

Rental periods

Some car hire companies have a minimum and maximum period at which their rent their vehicle so it is better to know the shortest and longest period in that one the renter sets up the timeframe that is best to hire the car at a cheaper price. Normally in Uganda when, the customer rents a car for more than a week, he/she is given a discount for a long reservation.

Car rentals Uganda brings comfort and convenience to the traveler’s journey and it is commendable to choose a car hire company whose terms and conditions easies your requirements and nature of travel.

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