Safari Africa Guide

Are you set to discover some of the most stunning destinations in Africa? Safari Africa Guide will give you a guideline on what to expect and what do. Many visitors have traveled extensively often staying in the world’s best hotels. In an African safari there is more than luxury; most travelers are looking for safari camp with an unspoilt atmosphere as well as the comfort of lodges in the wilderness.

While on the wilderness safari travelers get the chance to have the first hand experience with nature. At night one can feel the pulse of wild Africa, away from the city life and noise, one can hear the chattering of birds, the grunt of the hippos, the cry of the hyenas and the roar of lions giving a complete Africa Safari, yet feel safe.

There is a lot to view, catch the 7th Wonder of the world, Mara Migration, where more than two million wildebeest and zebras migrate from Serengeti (Tanzania) to Masai Mara (Kenya) which gives a spectacular experience.

Dive with Sharks and bungee jump in South Africa, Track Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Take an adventure on mountain climbing, nature walks and deep sea diving. Meet the different cultures of the Africa and learn how they have maintained their originality.

But not all countries in Africa offer the same type of tranquility and adventure. Africa is a continent and has many countries within it. Each country has its own unique attractions and experience. While on an Africa safari one can combine two or more countries.

In Africa Safari you will get a safari that suits your budget and expectations, most of them are tailor made to suite you. Whether looking for honeymoon, family or a group of friends who would like a getaway you will find it in Africa.

Capture the heart and soul of Africa. Enjoy your safari.

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