Planning The Perfect African Safari Trip.

Africa has many countries endowed with many animals, birds, fishes, vegetation and beautiful landscape which are perfect for an adventurous tour. Uganda also known as the pearl of Africa is one of many such countries. Located in the east of Africa, Uganda not only attracts migrant birds from the north and south but its 10 game parks also have different wild animals in abundance. The Ugandan game parks most of which have large thick vegetation harbor many animals ranging from the great African elephant, antelopes, buffalos, chimpanzee, rhino, hippopotamus, leopard, lions, giraffe, hyenas, warthogs, mountain gorillas, primates , birds , reptiles and many others which you can see during your safari trip. Uganda is also a perfect destination for vigorous activities such as mountain hiking in the Ruwenzori Mountains, white water rafting in the Nile River, cycling, sport fishing, canoeing and boat rides, camping, fly in safaris, gorilla tracking, air ballooning and many other customized activities. The peoples of Uganda are very hospitable and thus a visit to Uganda will guarantee you a wonderful African cultural experience. The accommodation in Uganda both in and around national parks, and in big towns offer comfort to all visitors. Jewel safaris Africa is one of the tour companies that for over 10 years have organized the perfect African safari trip for travelers visiting Uganda and east Africa at large. The staff at jewel safaris Uganda work around the clock to ensure that every visitor gets the trip of their lives right here at the heart of Africa. Proper orientation and guidance is accorded to you right when you land into Uganda till when you leave the country. Jewel safaris organizes scheduled, custom, group and single tours which appeal to the expectations of each individual tourist. The jewel safaris website has a lot of information about east Africa, tour itineraries and online booking. The team at jewel safaris responds to your enquires as fast as possible to ensure you are well catered for as you plan the perfect African safari trip.
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