The Lion: One of the animals you must see on a Ugandan Safari

Adventure safaris into African wilderness get you to a land extravagantly blessed with natural treasures with lots of mammals, insects, birds, reptiles, and others roaming all types of evergreen vegetation. To most travelers, a wildlife safari into any wilderness is almost incomplete till you are face to face with the King of the jungle; the Lion. Looking at the giant males with their thick mane and other adult males, females, juveniles and infants being submissive to him is one of the most humbling experiences. He is such a lazy boss whose mind is preoccupied with mating with the females, snoozing and idling about as the females and juveniles do the real hunting of the prey. The irony of it all is that once the prey is slain and ready for serving, the big boss mysteriously appears and is always the first on the table to take his huge share. The rest of the pride; infants inclusive, join in when he is almost satisfied and his hunger needs taken care of. Such a selfish fellow!

In Ishasha; a southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park; Uganda there is a species Lions very obsessed with climbing fig trees that attract a big share of tourists . There seem to be no specific reasons for climbing trees but speculation rotates around getting on a raised elevation to scan for easy target prey grazing in grassland to pounce on with ease, escaping from irritating swarms of flies attracted by foul smell caused by feeding on mammal flesh and blood or escaping from scathing hot sun to have another qualitative sleep. Why they specifically prefer a species of a certain fig tree could be debate for another day. What however holds true is that a pride of lions atop a tree for whatever reasons is sight to behold and one of the most amazing sceneries Africa as a continent offers.


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